Tourism in Turkey

Turkey has long been a popular tourist destination for many a traveller. From the single shoe-string backpackers and families on package holidays, to massive tour groups being led around, like a flock of sheep belonging to some kind of tourguide shepherd, and rich Russians spending all their cash in the sun. Whoever they are and wherever they have come from, these tourists have flocked to Turkey to taste the delights, shop, see the sights and relax in Turkey's warm weather and welcoming culture. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, it was estimated that 37 million tourists would visit the country in 2013. While most of the world was suffering and only just starting to regain its strength after the Global Financial Crisis, Turkey, in terms of tourism at least, couldn't seem to be doing any better. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul heaving with tourists being sold gold jewellery, 'Turkish' apple tea, carpets, turkish delight and occasionally some knock-off shoes and clothing. From the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, to the crowds in Ephesus, tourists have continued to come in their coachloads to see the wonders of the ancient world.  Turkey has much to offer, with ruins from the Anatolians, Byzantines, Ottomans, Greeks and Romans. Tours and transportation are well organised, shipping tourists around to different major attractions far and wide over the country, not charging too high a price for buses so that the locals can use them as well. Everyone carries at least one camera and takes photos whenever they get a chance. Turkey has embraced its interesting culture and heritage, making it accessible for people over the whole world to come visit and enjoy. Hopefully to the long-term benefit of the country.

Turkey Tourism