Southern China

January 1, 2014

The sun sets behind a small lakeside pagoda, a little distance out of the city Lijiang, Yunnan Province. 

On the Dragons Backbone, in low season, rice paddies can be seen covering the surrounding mountains and hills. The Dragons Backbone covers 66 square kilometres at altitudes between 300 and 1100 metres. Locally it is said, 'Where there is soil, there is a terrace.'

An old man walks down one of the main village roads in Xingping. 

The Silver Caves are brightly lit and the light is perfectly reflected in the still mountain lakes. The limestone karst, means that caves are commonly found in and around Yangshou.

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The smog starts to clear over Lijiang River. Here, hundreds of the local rafts are moored on the banks of the river, unused as few tourists visit in January.