A Cambodian fisherman walks across to his nets to check his catch as the sun rises over Angkor Wat.

Old fishing boats sit grounded in a dried up harbour of Monyak, a now landlocked island of the Aral Sea. A testimate to the way of life when the sea was full and fish were plentiful before environmental destruction.

Tourists take photographs of each other atop Mount Sinai as the sun rises.

The silhouette of a massive Thitpok tree takes up the sky, having grown from the famous Ta Prohm temple in Angkor Wat.

Quail eggs stacked up in a traditional Uzbek bowl, displayed at Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent.

Tea is an incredibly popular beverage in Uzbekistan. Despite temperatures reaching 40+ degrees in the summer, locals will still drink piping hot tea out of traditionally painted pots and bowls all over town at any time of day.

Thousands of white marble gravestones can be found on the hills surrounding Sarajevo, a reminder of its tragic and not so distant history that can be otherwise easily forgotten in the bustling city.

Two girls sit in a window as the sunset over the Shah-i-Zinda mausoleum gives off an orange sheen and the call to prayer can be heard spreading across Samarkand.