You can ask anyone in Kyrgyzstan, from a banker in Bishkek to a little old lady crouching on the side of a road waiting for a marshrutka in Tamga, what they will be doing this weekend and there are just a few possible answers: 'I will spend it with my family', 'I will help on the farm', 'I will see and help my sister', 'I will go to the lake'. Everything centres around family and spending time outside.


Religion and tradition also play an important part in Kyrgyz life, alongside their heritage their horses and ancient games like Ulak Tariush. Kyrgyzstan is very lucky geographically, with stunning mountains, wide open plains, deep, fast-flowing rivers and clear lakes. The nomadic lifestyle is deep-set in the culture of the Kyrgyz people. They make the most of the land around them and take great pride in what their country has to offer.


Kyrgyzstan - A Land Of Tradition And Family Values