January 9, 2014

The Philippines has more than 7,100 islands, often with unbelievably beautiful coastlines. The sea teams with wildlife and the country is part of an area known as the Coral Triangle, recognised as an area of outstanding marine biodiversity. 

A turtle swims by, nibbling on hard corals off the island of Negros.

Men row their boat in search of whale sharks as the sunrise over Cebu. There is a massive conservation effort in the Philippines aimed at educating the locals and protecting species such as the whale shark.

Traditional fishing boats sit grounded after the morning's fish have been caught and landed in Siquijor.

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A cat snoozes in the shade of Fort Santiago. Once a Spanish colony, the Philippines eventually gained independence from the US in 1946.

Children play on a beach in Bohol as the sun sets and the sea is calm despite a Level 2 Typhoon 2 warning which has prevented ships leaving the island.

Waves break in the distance as they hit the offshore reefs.