Snow and ice clings to Shawn's eye lashes and eye brows at -15 in the middle of the Gobi desert.

Watching the world go by, an old man looks out of the window while keeping warm on a tram during the cold month of February in Belgrade, Serbia.

Ahmed, a 9 year-old deaf boy tries to get his friend's attention while they watch a football match in the centre of Kuwait City.

A little boy gnaws on a barbequed piglet leg in the doorway of his home. Ushguli, Georgia.

A Roma boy watches inquisitively as his parents talk to a journalist and charity worker about the treatment they have received from the police in a slum outside Belgrade, Serbia.

Bata, a 69 year-old veteran, plays a small yatug-a with his eyes closed, enjoying the sound he is making.

Joe, a student studying in London, munches on a sandwich at Brockley Lido in South London.

A Father Christmas waves happily at journalists at the annual Santa race, where about 300 people in fancy dress take part in a race for charity.

A solider stands guard at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hamid relaxes while he waits for the local marshrutka (bus) in Khojand.

Anna tries to keep Yulia calm while keeping an eye on the departures board at the main train station in Sochi, Russia.

One of the hundreds of thousands of commuters that come into London every day walks across London Bridge to the City.

The Chinese delegation wave at spectators in the opening ceremony of Universiade an international multi-sport event, organised for university athletes.

An American student holds the American flag high with pride while the national anthem is played at the opening of a basket ball game during the Universiade games.

Swimmer Adam listens to his trainer giving him tips on his technique before an up and coming race.

Two Roma boys play under a bridge by the Danube river.

A veteran inspects vegetables at the local market, his age and knowledge apparent.

Yousef laughs while retelling a story, showing his set of gold teeth. In Uzbekistan it has been the tradition to keep your life savings as false teeth, as it is an ancient status symbol.