On the Road

View of Tbilisi from the Narikala Fortress

Women dance to traditional Georgian music at Maria's birthday dinner.

Stalin's death mask

A little boy nibbles on a barbequed piglet leg at the door way of his home.

The mountains of Svaneti rise above the town of Mestia and its ancient defensive towers.


In Van, a cat with a rare genetic eye colour mutation sits. Van is famous for cats with different colour eyes.

The fortress walls outside the castle in Van.

The outlook from a fortress in Van, Eastern Turkey.

Frescos saved from the construction of a dam near the Syrian border are on display in the of Gaziantep, South Turkey.

Tourists walk down from Mt. Nemrut in blankets after watching sunrise

Tourists get their picture taken as the sunrises on top of Mt. Nemrut.

The view from Mt. Nemrut as the sunrises in Eastern Turkey at 4.30 am

Kids play in an abandoned Greek Orthodox church in central Turkey which was left empty after a population exchange was organised by the Greek and Turkish governments in 1923. This sudden exchange left behind Greek-style houses and churches.

Wheat growing in the fertile Pigeon valley just outside of Goreme

Grape vines hang across the path way and a dog finds shades under a tractor in a small town in central Turkey.

The unusual landscape for which Cappadocia is famous. Formed from the weathering of the volcanic ash and lava that flowed from Hasan Dag millions of years ago.

The sun breaks over the hill tops of Cappadocia as about 60 hot air balloons fly over the scenic landscape, watching the sun come up.

An old home showing the signs of weathering in Goreme.

A girl plays on the beach in Butterfly valley in Southern Turkey.

Lycian tombs overlooking a valley in Southern Turkey

Tlos, a mixture of Lycian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Turk ruins, sits high on a hill top in the Antalya region of Turkey.

A goat poses for a photo at the ruins of a Lycian tomb near Fethiye.

A tourist stops to take a picture up through the rocks while the rest of his group carries on the walk up Saklikent Gorge in Southern Turkey.

Gozleme, one of Turkey's most traditional, cheap and popular foods, can have spinach and cheese or potato inside.

Sun setting over Fethiye's twelve island cruise.

A tourist walks along the last sections of castle ruins left on a hill top in the middle of Fethiye, Turkey.

A lady poses for her boyfriend to take a photo in one of the Calcium pools in which visitors can swim at Pammukale.

A ruined tomb sits on top of the cliff above the Calcium pools of Pammukale.

The blue pools and white stone that Pammukale is so famous for, are a result of the high Calcium content in the water from a natural stream nearby.

A rain cloud sweeps over the Asian side of Istanbul on a summer's day in Turkey as cruise ships and passenger ferries transfer tourist across the Bosphorus

Spices, herbs and all manner of dried fruit, vegetable and animal parts hang out for display in the Spice Bazaar in central Istanbul.

A boy waits for customers to show any sign of interest at his shop in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.

Topkapi Palace

Hagia Sofia

The Peoples Palace

Nicolae Ceaușescu's peoples palace

Mother distracts her little boy on the 18 hour train from Moldova to Romania playing with bubbles.

During a sailor parade in central Chisinau, Moldova a sailor hands round a bottle of strong local spirit to his comrades

Underground shopping in Chisinau