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Abandoned Pripyat​​


Kyrgyzstan - A Land Of Tradition And Family Values

A small country in Central Asia, few in the West have even heard of Kyrgyzstan, but this country has an extraordinary history, dating back to is role as a stop along the Silk Road. Today, the people live simply and work hard. The landscape and family values shape every single moment and every encounter with anyone,  be they traveller or local.

Turkey Tourism

Tourism is a massive part of Turkey's day to day life. Hundreds of thousands of tourist visit Turkey every year, especially during the summer. Whether it's to soak up the history, environmental sites, modern culture or just the sun on the beach, one can understand why such large numbers visit the country. 

In Xanadu: A Mongolian Adventure

Mongolia is an extraordinary country, managing to hold onto its unique culture in this age of technological developments and communications.   The Mongolian people struggle to hold onto their history and heritage, and to live a nomadic life, and this is all the more incredible given the extremes of  the environment  in which they live.

Boxing vs. Rowing

In the lead up to the London Olympics, every sport was being hyped up, some more than others. Two sports, both with a long history, in which the UK has always fared well are rowing and boxing. However the social divide between boxers and rowers could hardly be bigger. The sports people and organisations from these two distinct worlds can be seen focusing on their separate routes to sporting excellence. 

On the Road​​